Kia Ora, The Migrant Times!

We have some good news.

After months of planning, we at the Canterbury Migrants Centre - yes, that's our new name - are pleased to announce the launch our fortnightly newspaper The Migrant Times (TMT).

It will a 16-pages edition to be published every alternate Wednesday. While the details are still being worked out, the tentative launch date has been fixed around May-end. We will keep you informed about the developments via the social media channels.

In a sense, TMT is the revamped version of our monthly newsletter Migrants Down Under. But it will also be much, much more.

Our decades of work with the migrant communities - and there are over 160 different ethnic communities living in Canterbury now - have pointed towards one thing.

With all the good intentions of the average Kiwis, and efforts put in by the government machinery, migrants in Canterbury still feel "alienated", "left out", or "voiceless".

What aids such a feeling – and this is a general consensus - is that the migrant issues, news, views, struggles, successes, and celebrations [in a nutshell, anything related to the migrant communities] doesn't find adequate representation in the public discourse of the region.

The Migrant Times is an effort to change these prevailing state of affairs.

As TMT's tag line pointedly says, A voice for all, we hope that by bringing the migrant side of things in the mainstream of Canterbury, the society at large will develop deeper understanding and appreciation of each other's culture.

Our team is very excited to embark on this journey of building bridges between communities in Canterbury, and will need all your support, appreciation, and criticism along the way.

See you with the first issue of The Migrant Times soon.



Issue 1, June 15, 2016

Issue 1, June 15, 2016